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Law firms embrace technology more assertively these days - how come?

How predictive modelling improves bid economics and outcomes

Does a shift in collaboration affect you? If so, don’t miss this – contact clarity matters!

Contract Management – my bright star rising!

Negotiating adult care home placements in the UK

Gut feeling or qualifications-based selection, which is right?

Rebutting contractual intent: can subject-to-contract label be implied?

‘Getting it Right’ in advanced technology projects. Part 2: Considering technology integration with third-party suppliers

‘Getting it Right’ in advanced technology projects. Part 1: Advanced technology - make or buy?

Supply chain impact and solution under Covid-19 -- time for India to think beyond its border – Part 2

Preparing sourcing professionals for next generation SaaS agreement negotiations

A Day in the Life of a Contract Manager

Dealing with black swans in your supply chain

Resolving lessons truly learned must start and end with change

How can Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) prevent repeated mistakes with supply chains & risk management transactions?

In the room where it happens

New infographic designs the right solution

How to apply force majeure clauses under the Covid new normal? Part 1

Conflict of documents: The approach to determine any inconsistencies between bespoke terms and standard contract forms stands clarified, once again!

Seven reasons a CLM System is NOT the answer to your contract management problems

Using NEC outside of the UK - an update

Schrems II judgment will impact international personal data transfers – why you should act now

A “hell or high-water” payment clause means what it says!

Building your team to maximize sustainable value

Best strategies for securing your startup

How we created our world-famous privacy policy - and why we're giving it away

Using a contract map to outsmart contract complexity

Thinking big and bigger through a ‘wide-angle lens’

The cost of contract complexity

Transparent Legal Language Representation

Standard forms of contract in the telecommunication sector – a weapon against marathon contract negotiations?

Accepting an offer with conditions could land you in problems

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be your friend or foe - you choose!

Digitalizing your procurement transformation - what you need to resolve first

COVID-19 caused 97% of supply chain disruptions – what can we do to prevent them?

Authenticity and resiliency – catalysts for change

‘Unconventional’ contracts offer more than you might think possible!

How Contract Managers Can Gain More Control Over Contracts

Responding to misconduct in business ethics

Liquidated Damages: Considerations in their application and use

5 Zoom Lessons for Leaders

Even if Chinese, North American business cultures conflict, they can still unify for success

It’s OK to be Not OK!

Managing third-party risk -- keep your suppliers close, your contracts closer

Can you quarantine (protect) third-party risk post-COVID-19?

COVID-19, a case of supply chain resilience at American Red Cross (ARC)

Conversation matters - Turning conflict into partnership

Agility, Visibility and Diversity mark three of procurement’s promising, future trends

Let’s fix error-prone Statements of Work – they’re costing you money!

All contracts are equal – but are some contracts more equal than others?

Why SRM drives supplier collaboration and innovation

Top 5 reasons to choose a career in contract and commercial management

Understanding forecast and fault – the fun words that make NEC contracts different

Did you ever make a poor decision just to win a deal?

Personal and organizational resilience is the key to sustainability?

Legal’s success story in a time of disruption

Ten ways to make the interpretation of images more predictable

Calculating cost recovery in commercial item contracts – significance of present value, Part 2

Calculating cost recovery in commercial item contracts is not an easy game! Part 1

Future of lawyer is now

Collaboration – four steps to deployment

Changing the reputation of clinical trial contracts from inhibitors to enablers is hugely rewarding!

The Hidden Value of Smart Contracts: Measurability

Connecting can mean the difference between success and failure

How to enforce force majeure the right way in the COVID -19 era

Ask the right questions before you buy the wrong apps

Boredom, low productivity? We can change that!

COVID-19, This too shall pass: out of adversity comes opportunity

Collaboration – have you got your bases covered?

Leading your supply chain successfully through a CLM journey

How many KPIs should I have?

What have I signed? Do I really understand the contract?

Managing complexity can make, or break, the best of contract managers!

Contract quality and AI: garbage in, garbage out?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) lives inside us! Why not put it to work?

What makes a great contract manager?

CLM, ignited by COVID-19, is pushed into the spotlight – what’s behind the trend?

The Challenges of Public Procurement: A Case Study

Is it a trend? Are technology-related disputes removed from courts and sent to specialized dispute resolution forums?

Termination for convenience clauses – horns or haloes?

Job-hunting? Invited for an online interview? Some things to avoid and top tips to increase your chances of success

Commercial Expectations and Cooperation in Symbiotic Contracts - book review

How one public utility won IACCM’s strategic direction award

Managing risk in changing times – past and future

Good governance plus clear policies create successful projects

Power of three pillars – a new approach to managing suppliers

My setbacks led to success when SAM came knocking on my door!

Lessons from Coronavirus - case study from Kuwait

Cloud services are neither products nor services

Working remotely or at home? You need online collaboration more than ever!

Could customers and suppliers redeem us from post-COVID-19’s economic crisis?

"IACCM Webinar - Codes Replacing Law" A counterpoint perspective!

Diversity Equals Strength

Why you need to know about TINA, FAR, and ASPR

Standardized, industry solutions make contracting easy

Incoterms® rules 2020 released! Are you prepared for the next century of global trade?

Don’t panic! Legal tech is only as great as a great lawyer

Future of arbitration: A world view with an Indian perspective and the need for a new normal life

Is a contract vaccine for COVID-19 unthinkable?

Breaching contracts, cutting lifelines of innocent workers -- will it ever end? Not likely!

Working without a safety net: Lessons for better relational contracting

Why public sector is key to solving spending impact in Australia

Contract Negotiation: Wrong approaches leak value but solid relationships deliver it

El Contract Manager en tiempos del COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 – what you need to know about ‘force majeure’

Leadership in the time of Covid-19

Do we need digital contract management?

Suppliers, be careful when transferring IT contracts!

In the midst of Coronavirus - The importance of staying connected

Building relationships, negotiating in Asia  – different routes lead to same goal

Collaborative Contracting ‘It’s elementary my dear Watson’

Coronavirus:  Pragmatism During a Time of Crisis

Steering clear of bribery risk internationally

Integrated cloud architecture – why it ties to contract management

What a mess!  Or shall we say two? Until Mindcrest fixed both!

Servitization - what on earth do we mean?

How to embrace blockchains and smart contracts - an enterprise perspective

Uncertainty Tops CEO Agenda, signposting a critical role for contracts

How to nudge a Performance Based Contract (PBC) into real results – not just a paper trail

Incoterms® rules 2020 released! Are you prepared for the next century of global trade?

A peek into the future of commercial transactions: smart contracts, relational contracting and the IACCM principles

How risk allocation influences performance and adds value?

Why do contract management tools fail?

World's best procurement management in government

The next big thing: Relationship Resource Planning (RRP)

Smart contracts – the way forward

Afraid to jump start your ‘impossible’ dream? ‘You can do it,’ says UC Irvine educator - and students!

Participants at Americas Conference praise IACCM’s Americas Conference as the ‘best ever!’

Digital transformation is no time to have a confidence crisis

CONTRACT NEGOTIATORS: Ask, listen, be proactive – we need one another

The next big thing: Relationship Resource Planning (RRP)

What part of the contract management elephant are you talking about?

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the entire procurement process

Value creating negotiation is your sleek new car

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT – VICTOR PERTON INTERVIEW Let optimism wrap its arms around you!

Contracts as Boundary Objects: What does this mean and why should we care?

Aligning expectations with requirements – what does the contract say?

New procurement guidelines shed light on secrecy versus public right to know

PERFORMANCE BASED CONTRACTING Leap before you look and miss your targeted outcome!

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Global trade wars could affect your contracts --  are you prepared for takeoff?

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT PROCUREMENT Hiring architectural services – Costly mistakes IACCM can resolve!

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Start your simplification journey with the IACCM Contract Design Pattern Library

DATA PROTECTION Internet of Things (IoT) cyberattacks – how to avoid risk and liability

2018 In Review: Blockchain Technology and Arbitration

DILEMMA OF LEGAL FIRMS Lagging behind technology can pick your pocket! Are you future ready?

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Wired for Future of Work?

Think Human, Think Green

IACCM’s new Contracting Standards webpages available online

CFOs and Supply Chain Management: PERFECT TOGETHER

RISK MANAGEMENT Moving forward with 2019 means looking backward first

COLLABORATION, LEADERS, TEAMS      Turning “Accidental Adversaries” into Allies Transforming the hidden causes of conflict in strategic collaborations

CONTRACT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Artificial Intelligence partners with humans to create BT success story

Document and Record Management: An Interesting Challenge to Contract Managers

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Not performing a metrics-based program in your legal department? Not smart!

With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots, will we have jobs?

How many Geeks does it take to change the world?

She gives a shout out for IACCM and tells why

CONTRACT NEGOTIATING When your ‘great’ deal fails, it might be good news!

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Fast track from planning meeting to playbook in just a few hours!

Contract and Commercial Management 2019: invest to do less

Does my Company need Contract Management?

STATEMENTS OF WORK Draft outcome-driven descriptions to simplify your job

CONTRACT & CLAIM NEGOTIATING          Seven knowledge steps are critical

Why are agreements so hard to understand?

ENTIRE AGREEMENT CLAUSES Do they protect you? English case law says maybe not!

Sign too quickly, perform poorly – why do we leap before looking?


Making strategic sourcing and collaboration choices before you contract

Can you afford not to ask the right questions?

Eliminating top ten risk myths spawned by false beliefs

Seven reasons to load your legacy contracts into a new Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system

Artificial Intelligence – turbocharging our contract management future?

Suppliers with influence put money in the bank

Can you deal with risky stakeholders? Absolutely! Here’s how

In defense of humans -- people do matter when it comes to technology

Commercially Reasonable Efforts

Client versus vendor negotiations - why it matters

Ending performance failures, pulling out value

The ‘FinTech Five’ – Mitigate risk by focusing on five clauses

IACCM Webinar - pulling key data quickly from legacy agreements

The New World in AI-Powered Contracts

Futureproofing your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Webinar Recording

The contract in your head may not be the one you are signing

Agile procurement defines next wave of success - how well do you walk the talk?

New legal rights to challenge Australian Government procurements passed into law

COMIC CONTRACTS Everyone can understand them

Negotiating success – five steps to simplify your approach

Cryptocurrency - How to survive legal risks and confusing regulations

How Australia’s Department of Defence harnessed the power of the relationship

Ready or not, GDPR is here!

Two solutions for CM systems

Must we measure contract performance? Absolutely!

NEC contracts – use them anywhere for any industry!

Innovation – simple but not easy!

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) identifies IACCM as leader in skills transformation, CM certification

Welcome new IACCM Members!

Smarter way to harmonize all parties to the contract

Self-service contracting –  smartest companies use it -- do you?

When is a risk not a risk?

Technology takes center stage inside financial supply chains

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