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Carmen Elena Sandoval, Freelance Contract Manager Consultant, Independent, Río de Janeiro

Carmen Elena Sandoval is a multilingual (English/French /Spanish/ Portugués ) Civil Engineer with a MBA. She has a proven background in LATAM Contracting-Commercial, Financial planning, and Project Services with over 15 years of experience working in energy projects (Oil and Gas Industry and hydroelectric ). See also related, professional insights published by the author on LinkedIn.

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For years, international organizations have created various regulatory frameworks for determining how their business and contracting activities impact society and the environment. And, although corporate social responsibility1 has increased our awareness, business decisions and inherent operations have failed to adopt the important mindset and critical information we need today to get our complex jobs done. This article evaluates how we can use better strategies that have emerged from lessons learned including unexpected losses from the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Today, globalization and technology demand that organizations build their business strategies to respond effectively to the volatility of business environment worldwide. It’s a big challenge!  In response to it, we contract practitioners are now searching for sustainable relationships and partnerships that permit us to leverage competitive advantages for all parties without losing profit value.

contractnegotiation approach trust partnership valueleakage

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