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Christine Pauleau, Senior Counsel, iConPerformance SAS

Christine Pauleau, Senior Counsel, iConPerformance SAS, is an IACCM Council Member for France and the global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and Telecom. She is a senior attorney qualified in France, Spain (PhD with award) and educated in German law. She has end-to-end legal practice across multiple jurisdictions with four years in a law firm in Barcelona and 18 years working in-house in the ICT industry for multinational organizations based in Germany, Middle East and Africa, and France.

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At a recent roundtable discussion1 on the topic Blockchains & Smart Contracts from an Enterprise Perspective, speakers1 answered many questions we are all curious about.  Our author attended the event and wrote the following discussion outline surrounding the issues and what the future looks like.   

Smartcontracts blockchain perspective enterprise

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