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Dr. Andrew Jacopino, Senior Advisor at Ngamuru Advisory Canberra, Australia

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We can define a performance-based contract (PBC) and a relational contract easily enough, but do we know how to maximize the benefits these unconventional contracts offer us? And, are the improved supply chains and the new “hybrid” contract leading us into favorable results for 2021? How did this success story begin?


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A colleague of mine sent me the following cartoon that made me laugh. The very talented cartoonist Tom Fishburne sketches tongue-in-cheek how people tend to view key performance indicators (KPIs).

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At the 2020 World Economic Forum1 of January 2020 in Davos, participants discussed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).2  They specifically asked, “How could innovative partnerships such as commercial relationships help achieve these objectives, especially within the public sector?”

publicsector performancebasedcontracting australia

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It seems that collaboration is everywhere nowadays.  Whether it is Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber1 producing a number one single, or designer Tommy Hilfiger2 delivering exclusive clothing lines to Apple; or Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton3 putting CarPlay into cars.  But are they all as successful?

contracting excellence collaboration Collaborative contractmanagement

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If you are producing or working with a Performance Based Contract (PBC), it means you want to reflect a fair and balanced perspective that benefits the performance of both the buyers and sellers.   But a deeper look behind PBC development shows the process can get a bit complicated especially if parties disagree on what performance or fair and balanced behavior looks like. 

contract PerformanceBasedContract performancebased PBC

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Many buyers use Performance Based Contracts (PBCs) to contract for outcomes, because they are attracted by the simplicity of using PBCs. But this could be a costly mistake if you do not first carefully plan, set up and execute the  requirements of your PBC.1/2  

contracting excellence communication IACCM

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I posted two articles on my blog recently that together explain why I recommend implementing a transition period into your performance-based contract (PBC) rather than starting all aspects of the contract immediately on day one.

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