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Dr Ray Carter MA, MCIPS, UK Licensed Paralegal Director of DPSS Training Consultants, UK & Worldwide

Second degree connection and second creator of 10C Model, Author of Practical Contract Management, Dr. Carter has over 30 years’ experience in training and consultancy (both UK and Worldwide) specializing in Contract & Commercial Management, Procurement, Supply Chain & other related subjects. His company, DPSS Consultants, is accredited by CIPS, World Commerce & Contracting (formerly IACCM), APMG & ISO. Currently, he is working on my new Master Classes on my 10C Model and Contract & Commercial Management. During his working career has been fortunate to work with many companies and cultures which has helped him develop successful training courses. See also video about the author.

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Recently, I designed and delivered a one-day Effective Negotiation Skills training course for a London borough suffering from high levels of deprivation and social challenges. Social care in the UK has been underfunded for many years. My main goal was to teach the best strategies for negotiation within Adult Social Care and the placement of residents in care homes. This article surrounds good outcomes that can happen for brokers (negotiators) and their clients when they are negotiating adult home care placements. Careful strategies really do matter!


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