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Greg Tharp, librarian and researcher

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Have you ever tried to draft a statement of work (SOW) only to find out that no uniform clause exists for determining net present value in commercial item contracts? Did you know the Federal Acquisition Regulations System1 also known as FAR is what the United States Government uses when drafting a statement of work (SOW)?

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Greg Tharp, who has written excellent articles for us recently, offers this two-part series about cost recovery for commercial item contracts.  He starts with this question…

collaboration businessrelationship

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Aw, those poor termination for convenience clauses!  They’re always getting hauled into “court” by one of their frustrated “victims.”  Truth be told, “termination for convenience” can be either friend or foe.  Is it fair? Maybe the problem is not the clause but on which side of it you find yourself!

Terminationforconvenience clause

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Imagine trying to resolve an inaccurate pricing decision by a contracting officer -- like the cost of steel in a shipbuilding contract – a decision that is stalling the contracting process and putting the business at risk.  What would you do?

negotiation federalacquisitionregulation far aspr truthinnegotiationsact armedservicesprocurementregulations tina

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