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Paul Humbert, President and Managing Director of The Humbert Group, LLC, New York

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The following is reprinted by permission from European Financial Review Oct 2018

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Without a doubt, contracts are the most important risk avoidance management and mitigation tools organizations sign. Ironically, many top executives know little about contracts and how they work to support the organization’s goals. Instead, many choose to delegate the responsibility for identifying and managing those risks to others often with few, if any, questions asked.

contract /commercial management risk management contract management

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Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from the book “Contract and Risk Management for Supply Chain Management Professionals” published by X. Paul Humbert, Esq1.

contract /commercial management contracting excellence contract management communication

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is an excerpt from the book authored by Paul Humbert titled, How to Analyze and Negotiate Warranties for Goods and Services. Paul outlines questions you need to ask during contract negotiations. 

negotiation contract /commercial management contract management

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Organizations can only reap the advantages of Cloud computing once the contract for such a service has been agreed and is water-tight. This article provides a guide for what contract managers need to consider when negotiating a deal for their organizations’ ‘Cloud’.

technology risk management

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