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Tamara McMahon

Contract Administrator, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Aerospace, Irvine, CA

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As you know, during 2020, the global pandemic caused many companies to decentralize their workforces to adjust for employees working remotely, being forced to quickly transition from comfortable office settings, to smaller, sparsely populated, remote workspaces. Throughout that time, adjusting to this change resulted in some mistakes made followed by lessons learned. But perhaps the hardest thing now is to continue taking corrective actions as we may soon face a compounding, pandemic threat -- the delta variant!1 So, how can we combine interpersonal communication with lessons truly learned to get solutions that really stick – even during an uncertain future?


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IACCM’s 2019 Benchmark Report (issued in September) indicates the typical role of contract management and its measurement systems. This article illustrates many of the common challenges identified in the report - especially the issue of timely and appropriate use of contract management expertise and the importance of applying metrics that drive (and demonstrate) true value.

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