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Tim Cummins

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Tim Cummins, President of IACCM says IACCM's accomplishment in producing the Contracting Standards "exceeds my wildest dreams -- a truly exciting development and it moves IACCM to a very new level of credibility and contribution..”

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Contract management’s technological revolution: today’s biggest, most important news. Everyone’s looking for answers – but are they looking in the right place, for the right things? And could those answers be closer to hand than we think? 

Join us as we gaze into our technological crystal ball, and see a future that may surprise you.

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Our members are under growing pressure; they face demanding and confused business conditions; they must adapt – or face steady decline.

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In this era of contract management transformation with all its inherent challenges – we’re ahead of the game! IACCM’s Americas Forum will lock arms with that theme when more than 300 leaders will assemble in San Diego October 24-26, 2016 to attend this event. It is one of the most critically acclaimed and highly attended of all IACCM’s annual conferences.  

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