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Our members are under growing pressure; they face demanding and confused business conditions; they must adapt – or face steady decline.

And so it is with professional associations. Not only must they adjust to the needs of their members, they must also become more effective at enabling their members’ growth and success.

Since inception, IACCM’s mantra has been to stay ahead of the market – to offer leadership and inspiration, to turn chaos and complexity into structure and opportunity. But realising that goal demands that the association itself must regularly review its operations, its capabilities and it strategies for delivering services and support.

It was with this in mind that IACCM brought together its entire worldwide team – now 24 strong – for a three day planning and strategy meeting just outside London, UK. Over the course of those days, we challenged ourselves to rigorous self-examination, identifying areas where procedures are weak, or teaming and collaboration are abrasive, or offerings and strategy are unclear. We reconfirmed our commitment – to our goals and mission, to each other and to our members.

As a not-for-profit organization, IACCM is fortunate in having goals that truly are driven by the interests of our members and not corrupted by the need to reward shareholders or grow for the sake of growth. Our mission – to raise the quality, integrity and success of trading relationships – has never been more important, as businesses and governments struggle to navigate in an uncertain world. And it is that sense of mission that came out loud and clear from every member of the IACCM team, no matter what their role or past background. It is the belief that we are doing work that truly benefits the world and the enthusiasm it generates as we help our members that is the defining characteristic of this organization.

Tim Cummins, President of IACCM, Professor, Leeds University School of Law; Chair, International Commercial & Contract Management

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