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We are delighted to announce the first awards of IACCM’s new Expert Certification this month to two of our Members.

In conjunction with both an extensive refresh of our Practitioner Program and the introduction of our new Advanced Practitioner Curriculum, last year IACCM raised the requirements of the CCM Expert Certification to reflect the growing expectations from senior executives and governments for enhanced skills that match the needs of today’s volatile and fast-changing markets. Candidates are required to demonstrate leadership and influencing skills in shaping commercial policy and practice and this is tested through presentation to a Review Board, made up from globally respected leaders and executives in commercial and contract management.  This is a rigorous Program and our newly qualified Members' achievements are significant.

“Why?” you might ask, when we talk extensively of the disappearance of jobs in contract, commercial and supply management with the ever-increasing influence of technology and automation, “should we even bother with additional qualifications?”.

I am certainly of the school of thought that technology and humans are there to augment one another rather than compete, yet we cannot deny that it is the repetitive and knowledge-based tasks that are at risk of being performed through automation and there are already numerous examples of this taking place.  As observed in our 2016 Future of Contracting Report in many instances the length and complexity of the documentation that we are required to work with have “moved beyond the ability of humans to manage on their own”.  Artificial Intelligence systems are already being deployed in the place of us mere humans.

As Tim Cummins recently wrote in one of his blog posts “…automation is not just possible, it is desirable. It operates with greater accuracy, efficiency and reliability than human resources. But automation has its limits. It does not innovate, it does not design continuous improvement, it does not undertake research.”

Professor Andrew Brown from the Institute of Education, who will be speaking at our IACCM Europe Conference in May, suggests that the top-end of employment opportunities will be filled by those performing ‘knowledge production jobs’.  Key skills for the future will be the ability to pose problems, interpret data and communicate results.  Such skills lie at the heart of commercial innovation – indeed, they reflect precisely the areas that are tested in candidates for IACCM Expert Certification.

So, if you aren’t already signed up for the IACCM Expert Program, now is the time! Please contact

If you would like to participate at the Europe Conference in Dublin and hear more from both Professor Andrew Brown and from numerous other experts on the impact of technology and automation on our future, you can sign up here: 
Register NowLook out for the March/April Edition of the Contracting Excellence Newsletter featuring interviews with our new Experts!


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