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Imagine seeking key data in your legacy contracts, but you lack technology solutions to pull out information you need to make best decisions, find revenue, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. 

Legacy contracts are agreements signed and executed before a system for processing your contracts – such as Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)  -- has been established. But, although a properly-executed CLM system can help you plan, draft, negotiate, execute and centralize contract storage and management, it cannot extract and migrate metadata from your legacy contracts into the CLM. 

Finding the missing piece!  The IACCM webinar Ask The Expert: Overcoming the challenge of legacy agreements leads the way in solving this for you.  Presenters Samir Bhatia, CEO, Founder, BrightLeaf Solutions and Tim Cummins, President of IACCM discuss practical approaches to uploading (migrating) your legacy contracts. 

For this specific webinar you might want to first download the presentation and review the slides that image clearly how to migrate contracts into your CLM.

Their webinar explores:

  • Reasons to migrate contracts
  • Steps to migrate
  • Data you need to extract
  • Steps for extraction
  • Main challenges to the process
  • Licensing the correct software solution
  • Facets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) software

You will discover how to handle these challenges:

  • Documents you need to consider migrating and reporting
  • Reports you need to generate from the CLM after migration
  • Data points you need to extract
  • Formats required for data groups
  • Phasing, extracting and roll out



Samir BhatiaSamir Bhatia CEO, Founder of Brightleaf Solutions

Samir Bhatia is the CEO and Founder of Brightleaf Solutions, a highly focused company delivering AI powered solutions for data extraction from contracts. Samir has over 25 years of experience building successful technology companies. A true technology enthusiast, Samir has pioneered different technology companies and headed various roles C level roles at different companies.

At Brightleaf Samir has successfully navigated the progress of creating and using Brightleaf's Extraction Engine, and coupled it with a Six-Sigma process to extract highly accurate data from clients' contracts. Brightleaf has an expertise in handling high quantum projects and has effectively delivered projects of high complexity. Samir holds master’s degrees in Computer Science and Physics from Northeastern University.  Contact Samir Bhatia, CEO – co presenter of ATE -


Tim CumminsTim Cummins, President of IACCM

Tim Cummins, President of IACCM, works with leading corporations, public and academic bodies, supporting executive awareness and understanding of the role that procurement, contracting and relationship management increasingly play in 21st century business performance and public policy. He leads the Association's extensive research programs and interactions with universities and business schools.


Brightleaf automated contract abstraction and migration is a technology-enabled service that automates the entire process of abstracting information from all your contracts. Our proprietary software performs abstraction and migration with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The key is Brightleaf’s underlying semantic intelligence engine that applies breakthroughs in computer-based language analysis technology to legal documents. Like Google, our software “crawls” through all your contracts and creates an index of all the key terms, provisions, and obligations.


The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. With over 50,000 members across 166 countries and 17065 corporations, IACCM is leading the way in responding to the demands of global networked markets.


Samir Bhatia CEO, Founder of Brightleaf Solutions

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