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In this era of contract management transformation with all its inherent challenges – we’re ahead of the game! IACCM’s Americas Forum will lock arms with that theme when more than 300 leaders will assemble in San Diego October 24-26, 2016 to attend this event. It is one of the most critically acclaimed and highly attended of all IACCM’s annual conferences.  

Join us and hear from the speakers!

People attending are looking for answers to the fast-paced, changing landscape of business specifically relating to contracts and commercial management. Speakers are going to be critically important to achieving that goal and networking will become an essential component to the sessions attendees select.

At this year’s event sixty nine speakers will share their expertise in many ways, from diverse cultures, technologies, industries and languages. Randomly, we selected two speakers’ sessions and the presenters speaking.

  • Bill Huber, Managing Director of Alsbridge; Kai Jacob, Head of Global Contract Management Services, Global Field Legal, SAP; and Kingsley Martin, President and CEO, KMStandards; will together present Embracing Transformative Technology to Ensure you Stay Relevant. It’s about the use of technology to improve efficiencies and simplify the process -- something everyone can relate to. So, why haven’t we? Much contract management software is largely ignored because it is viewed as too basic and it automates processes that already exist rather than innovating and challenging us to think differently. Determining what your technological needs are and how technology can address these needs is no small task. In this session, we assess where organizations are and where they should be headed. You’ll learn what tools are available to improve collaboration and streamline contracting processes. 
  • Kingsley Martin will join Tim Cummins, President and CEO of IACCM to speak on The Shift from Template Thinking to Custom-Based Thinking. The contracting process involves a wide variety of activities and a large number of stakeholders. Ensuring speed and consistency is often a problem, but this can be tackled with the help of standard templates. But, what happens when the functions are not so straight-forward? In this session, they will discuss how to transition to custom-based thinking when more complex contracting challenges arise. 

The business case is clear: Contract and Commercial Management are critical capabilities in managing today’s market environment. The contracting community is growing daily in an era of great transformation. As technology advances, it continues to drive change in the workforce. Change we must embrace and respond to intelligently. In these challenging times, the need to embrace change and evolve our role is clear. 

But how can we play that role effectively and bring greater value to our workplace and ourselves? Attend this conference and find out! Every member of IACCM, every vendor, every prospective member can tell what they’ve learned about this. Hearing from our speakers and networking with one another will clear some pathways for you and inspire you to help your organizations do better at what they do best!

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Tim Cummins, President of IACCM, Professor, Leeds University School of Law; Chair, International Commercial & Contract Management

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