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Tim Cummins, President of IACCM says IACCM's accomplishment in producing the Contracting Standards "exceeds my wildest dreams -- a truly exciting development and it moves IACCM to a very new level of credibility and contribution..”

Since it’s early days, IACCM members have often asked the Association to produce standard agreements. Given our multi-jurisdictional, multi-industry membership, representing both buyer and supplier perspectives, that request represented a seemingly impossible task. Yet now, new technologies have  the art of the possible. Artificial intelligence has enabled mass analytics, giving insight to norms and standards that were beyond human analysis. This has supported the development of the principles - contract term guidelines - and the standards - balanced and appropriate term and agreement models.

But more than that, technology is also transforming social and business expectations around simplification and user-based design. It is increasingly unacceptable- and a source of negative image - for organizations to hide behind complicated, indecipherable contracts.

Step forward contract design standards and our exciting new library to inspire fresh approaches that make contracts intelligible and turn them into practical tools.

Taken together, the principles, standards and design library exceed my wildest dreams. They truly represent a revolution in the field of contracting.”  

Tim Cummins  

Topics: contracting excellence, communication, IACCM

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