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Before diving into the integrated cloud architecture deep end, you must first understand the challenges.

In August of 2019 I published an article in Information Week1 titled Integrated cloud architecture – what it is and why it matters What follows explains the contract management relationship to the article…

The importance of integrated cloud architecture (ICA) with regard to contract management cannot be understated.  Many of the leading-edge contract lifecycle management (CLM) vendors are using some form of an ICA strategy by building a fit-for purpose CLM application which then leverages the services of repository or process-based cloud platforms. 

If you build it properly, you can store contracts and related in a standardized corporate repository service such as Office 365,, Google Docs, Box.  This simultaneously delivers key contracting functions through a dedicated CLM application.  The CLM then  integrates with these standardized cloud repository services. 

The benefit of this technology is the standardized repository can fully leverage organizational corporate standards (single sign on authentication, security models, metadata constructs and other related capabilities) while delivering the CLM experience for the business users and contract professionals.  The alternative is to have a siloed CLM product architecture which does not allow you to leverage standardized cloud platforms employed within your organization.

  1. Information Week

Russ Edelman, CEO, Corridor Company, Inc.

Russ Edelman, CEO, Corridor Company, Inc.

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