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The course – offered at a new independent school in Copenhagen, Denmark – was set up specially to deliver IACCM's contract and commercial management certification program.  The collaboration between IACCM, APMG, and the Nordic School of Contract and Commercial Management (NSCCM)1 that made the course possible reflects the same spirit of teamwork that characterizes the contract management profession itself. And the two person practitioner/academic team leading the effort has created an intensive, dynamic and high quality teaching environment.

New experiences – and a powerful future IACCM network


Students who completed their three-month certification program in May came from a wide range of professional backgrounds, greatly enhancing their learning experiences and providing each with a powerful future IACCM network. From private as well as public organizations, buy side and sell side backgrounds, these included IT services, procurement, construction, law firms, sourcing, engineering, consulting, accounting and energy.

Dr René Franz Henschel, Professor in Business Law, Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus, Denmark played a key role in realizing this successful new venture, together with partners from the consulting company Ramboll.

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Huge credit should also go to the contract management community for creating the right team environment and their clear focus on minimizing value leakage from contracts and achieving the expected business benefits,” Rene said.

Seeing perspective of the 'other side'

“The 'offline' classroom setting gives a unique opportunity to support the learning process as participants can interact directly with teachers and discuss practical experiences. They can also be reassured about what they are doing in the right way and where they need to improve.

“The participants gained greatly from the time they spent in the classroom with their colleagues from other organizations - regardless of whether they were public or private sector, buy-side or sell-side.

“The material, exercises and cases used throughout the course sometimes resulted in heated but also very fruitful discussions, e.g. in relation to the pros and cons of engaging all relevant stakeholders in definition requirements, different negotiation strategies and tactics, the relevance of exit plans and contract close-out procedures, and lessons learned.

“Getting to know the drivers and experiences of the 'other side' in a neutral classroom setting proved very constructive, and some very firm positions previously taken were modified as a result. The participants were also able to exchange and develop many new ideas and tools, e.g. in relation to working with stakeholder analysis and 'selling' contract management within their own organization.”

One participant explained: “IACCM Contract and Commercial Management education has been an excellent experience in terms of the instructors' professionalism and teaching approach, learning materials and perspectives to reality. It has been of great support for me to realize that some of the challenges one meets are not unusual either in theory or in practice… The education equips you with a mindset of how to do best practice and gives you a toolbox of useful theory which you can refer to and lean on in the contract management process in your own organization.”

Rene added: “Students completing the learning program gain not only the highly sought-after and prestigious IACCM certification, they will also be in a much stronger position within their own organization in the future to make their views known and help organize the teamwork needed – ultimately improving business results for their organization and business partners.”

Nordic School of Contract and Commercial Management ( has a strategic partnership with Ramboll, a Danish consulting company.2  NSCCMis an APMG and IACCM accredited training partner.


  1. NSCCM website is
  2. Ramboll home page:

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