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Their success story began with an IACCM presentation at a Project Management Institute (PMI) event in Montevideo on general aspects of contract management. It grew into a collaborative training experience that has overachieved all expectations – 20 newly certificated CCM professionals, and the entire CCMP program translated into Spanish. Bigger plans are underway!

Two senior directors from Uruguay’s Social Security organization (BPS)1 were attending the event and liked very much what they heard - an approach that resonated with the issues their own organization was experiencing.

For example, when IACCM presenters explained the ten pitfalls to avoid in contract management, BPS management identified the need to train their people in contracting best practices and develop higher leadership skills and more robust processes.

From those small beginnings, in a part of the world where practitioners are not so familiar with CCM practice, a highly successful collaboration grew. Initial ideas were developed and three months later a blended certification program of online learning/onsite training was ready to launch, to train BPS’s key managers on contract management. 

During the seven months that the program ran 100 hours were spent in classroom training plus 65 hours in online learning programs. Four work groups were set up, spending a further 100 hours on the practical applications to their own work of what they had been studying. 

As a result of IACCM’s training, BPS moved forward with plans to initiate four actions:

  1. Identify and involve key stakeholders
  2. Review performance of government suppliers (or strengthen existing performance reviews)
  3. Provide contract management electronic tools as applicable to BPS
  4. Perform a maturity model assessment of BPS

Last week IACCM was proud to present all 20 course graduates with their certifications. At the award ceremony group presentations showed how much the program had helped members with internal developments. 

Pablo Cilotta, Director Southern Europe, South and Central America, IACCM, --who was responsible for this training -- worked closely with the group, presenting case studies, helping with preparation of modules and course follow-up.

“Participants felt motivation from day one, so much so that we decided to translate the Contract and Commercial management Practitioner (CCMP) program scripts entirely into Spanish.

“The group’s enthusiasm extended beyond just taking the exam. They wanted to offer more to BPS, their organization, and show them how much they had benefitted from the program. BPS became a corporate member and we are already planning more things to do with them, as well as a new edition of the program for 2017. They plan to use certification as a resource to grow internally within BPS, as well as academically.

“So, We are expanding our association throughout companies in other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, among others, and also in the public sector and local governments.”

At the end of the training, one of the directors approached Pablo and said, “The IACCM have definitely overachieved our expectations!”

Twenty certified: Gabriela Vidal, Mauro Daniel Barbosa Riva, Nelson Javier Silvera, Leonardo Urricariet Benitez, Andrea Biurrarena, Raquel Menendez Castaño, Monica Borso, Juan Jose Monteagudo Cabezas, María Rita Gómez, Lucia Errandonea, Mabel De Leon, Ing, Daniel Introini D'Angelo, Ainhoa Calvo, Kimberly Mazondo Wetsch, Alicia Echeverrigaray, Virginia Casciato, Fabian Alvarez Lopez, Humberto Acevedo (Not shown: Mariana Grunfeld and Carolina Muiño Almeida)


  • BPS is the Instituto de Previsión Social, Uruguay.

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Pablo Cilotta Director, Southern Europe, South and Central America, IACCM

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