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What really makes the difference between failure and success in contract management? By laying the right commercial foundations, we position ourselves to get the best benefit possible from the opportunities any contract presents – whether we are buyer or seller.

contractmanagement adaptive core

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Good news is on the way! Surprising? Maybe, but true.

contract lifecycle management Covid-19 CLM digitization

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COVID-19 has created a myriad of contracting issues and challenges, with extensive need for managing changes and renegotiations. The public sector has clearly not been immune, yet it faces greater challenges due to the more rigid framework created by public procurement regulations. This brief summary illustrates those challenges, drawing on recent Guidance issued by the UK Government.

procurement Covid-19

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We know that specialized forums for dispute resolution have been around for quite some time. Maritime disputes, disputes involving energy and natural resources, sports-related disputes, securities and other financial disputes – all have set up their own special forums for alternative dispute resolution.

technology dispute

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Aw, those poor termination for convenience clauses!  They’re always getting hauled into “court” by one of their frustrated “victims.”  Truth be told, “termination for convenience” can be either friend or foe.  Is it fair? Maybe the problem is not the clause but on which side of it you find yourself!

Terminationforconvenience clause

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This week, IACCM continues to focus on its latest TASK topic: Job Opportunities & Online Interviewing.

As working from home becomes increasingly commonplace either permanently, or in response to future lockdowns, many employers are asking candidates about their ability and desire to work from home and their strategies to focus on work in their home environment. 

hr jobhunting interview

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Dr. C. Haward Soper, Honorary Associate Professor of Law at the University of Leicester, UK, published his latest book, Commercial Expectations and Cooperation in Symbiotic Contracts in February 2020, and reviewers are already commenting!

CCM law book

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The Chelan County Public Utility District did nothing magical to win IACCM’s Strategic Direction Award at the IACCM Americas conference in November of 2019. They didn’t need magic. They got smart!

supply chain management cloud SaaS

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Risk management is a vital tool in all aspects of modern management, including contract management. But it is not standing still! We’ve developed new ways of understanding risk and undertaking its management, and new approaches will surely continue to arise.

But what might the future of risk management look like? This article uses concepts from cosmology to consider the options.

risk management

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If you want your projects to succeed, you need to create a good contracts and risk management culture within your organization. When good corporate governance is missing, you’re likely to spend a lot of time banging your head against the wall.

contract lifecycle management governance

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