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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is an excerpt from the book authored by Paul Humbert titled, How to Analyze and Negotiate Warranties for Goods and Services. Paul outlines questions you need to ask during contract negotiations. 

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Topics: contract management, contract /commercial management, negotiation

Editor’s note: Truthfully, we believe all of our keynote speakers this year will be nothing less than fabulous -- challenging all CM and legal practitioners regardless of their level of expertise. We interviewed one of them in depth: George Triantis -- Charles J. Meyers Professor of Law and Business, Stanford University and discovered key changes he expects for the future.

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Topics: contract /commercial management, contract management, contracting excellence

“The external environment is changing, our customers are changing, and the whole business is changing, so legal needs to change too”.

Rebecca Lim, Chief Compliance Officer and Group General Counsel, Westpac

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Topics: contract management, contract /commercial management, contracting excellence, organization & people

Rene Franz Henschel, Professor, Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, Department of Law, Aarhus, Denmark shares his views on how we need to prepare before we start working with smart contracts. Our environment will determine what we do – and when. Data needs to be analyzed and formatted properly. And there’s more!

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Topics: contract /commercial management, technology, contracting excellence, contract management

Finding it hard to implement your technology, yet there’s no time to fix it? Find out how to accelerate your journey to best in class contract management, taking your organization and stakeholders with you.

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Topics: technology, contracting excellence, contract /commercial management

Looking for the clever idea that changes everthing? It doesn’t have to be big, or new – just different.   

We talked with Adrian Furner, CEO of Kommercialize, to discover top lessons in commercial innovation that contract management professionals can learn today. 

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Topics: contract /commercial management, contracting excellence, IACCM Awards, organization & people

The following summarizes an original article, titled One-Sided Contracts: Do They Pay Off?* authored by Ross J. Altman1, Jeffrey R. Cruz2, and Peter C. Halls3. It was published in the Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers, Vol. 11, No. 1 (Winter, 2017). The Journal is available on Westlaw, where issues may be viewed and searched in the Westlaw database ACCLJ. 

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Topics: contract management, contracting excellence, risk management

By Güenther Bader, SAP SE

Is contracting key to value creation in your organization? These Key Performance Indicators can demonstrate the big difference you’re making.

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Topics: organization & people, performance management, contracting excellence

IACCM is delighted to announce that 16 Contract and Commercial Management (CCM) practitioners in Guatemala received their CCM certifications in July 2017.

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Topics: contracting excellence, CCM certified

Contract management’s technological revolution: today’s biggest, most important news. Everyone’s looking for answers – but are they looking in the right place, for the right things? And could those answers be closer to hand than we think? 

Join us as we gaze into our technological crystal ball, and see a future that may surprise you.

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Topics: technology, contract management, contracting excellence

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