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Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM, and Sulaiman Ibrahim Al-Hubaishi, Senior Vice President Supply Chain, were among 50 attendees at the IACCM Member Meeting, hosted by Saudi Electricity Company on April 15, 2018 at their facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Their purpose was to share results of IACCM’s recent research and solidify a deepening collaboration between the two organizations via IACCM’s certification program and ongoing meetings.

According to Mr. Al-Hubaishi, SEC looks to maximize its supply chain value up to a world branded level by having IACCM sustained “Body of Knowledge” which provides “Lifelong Learning Strategy” representing the knowledge of leading commercial practices, benchmark and certification according to the World-Class Standard 

Tim commented, “We are pleased that Saudi Electricity Company has identified IACCM as the source of leading contracting and commercial practices and they have embarked upon an enterprise-wide skills transformation program to ensure that Saudi Electricity team members are certified to the global standards set by IACCM.”

Jim Bergman, Vice President, Global Strategic Projects at IACCM and Claire Hachem, IACCM’s Business Development lead for the Middle East, joined Tim and then held skills transformation planning sessions in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and a Member Meeting in Abu Dhabi, UAE.   

Jim commented, “IACCM is continuing to direct our efforts towards Saudi Arabia, as well as the broader Gulf Cooperation Council GCC, as part of our overall strategy.  This means the number of member meetings, webinars and research will increase.  IACCM is positioned to partner with Saudi Arabia as it undergoes an overall transformation, including commercialization.  We want to ensure that IACCM increases its position as the peak body of knowledge in this area that our members across Saudi Arabia – from senior executives to practitioners - have the resources they need.”

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