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In reflecting on her experience in participating in IACCM’s certification and educational programs she shares these comments about the benefits…

Accenture has benefited directly from its liaison with the IACCM in two tangible ways.

First, IACCM’S Commercial and Contract Management (CCM) certification and education program.1  Our contract management staff have participated in this for over 11 years when I first joined Accenture.2  The program -- consisting of skills assessments, development plans and learning modules -- has become a goal of many of Accenture’s new employees.  The certification program remains a key learning opportunity for our global and senior staff members as well.

Second, members get to participate and attend all local IACCM meetings and the annual IACCM conferences where keynote speakers cover topics relevant to Accenture’s business.  

The 2018 IAACM America’s conference featured the Leaders of the Future program3 which was exciting for Accenture and its younger leaders.  The transition of the Future Leader participants from the first day of the conference through the final presentation is significant.  They seem to grow in confidence and ability and rise to the challenge of the final presentation.   

I cannot forget the opportunity that networking provides at the IACCM conferences.  The chance to spend time with other contracting professions discussing the latest trends in our profession is invaluable.  The cross pollination of ideas is worth the time and financial commitment.

IACCM’s research provides much needed data and analysis, particularly the IACCM Contracting Principles4, which provide standard guidelines on key clauses.  This is valuable as we can leverage or reference these principles as third-party clauses (and not Accenture clauses) from an organization which has looked at variety of contract terms and arrived at language which is fair and balanced for both parties.  These principles can be used to legitimize a negotiation position.

IACCM’s robust online library provides webcasts, articles and abstracts  that target relevant topics including controversial issues.  A couple of  recent articles by Tim Cummins, President of IACCM5 focus on the changes our profession will be facing in a few short years.  This timely article shines a light on the evolution of our role and forces questions such as “what new skills must I develop to continue to add value to the business”.”   

Lastly, for me, IACCM has been a resource which supported me through a transition from managing federal government work to purely commercial constructs.  The IACCM certification program was available early in my career at Accenture and provided additional context, education and information on contracting in the commercial environment.  This knowledge gave me confidence in my abilities and provided a good foundation as I became an Accenture Contract Manager.



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Cecilia Middleton, Managing Director North America Contract Management, Accenture, recently became Secretary and Managing Director of IACCM’s Board of Directors.

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