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Brilliant smiles match brilliant accomplishment in 2015! 


The Telecom Operator team in the GCC was the first team to attain IACCM accreditation. Every member of the Vendor Management Office (VMO) team within the Operations Planning & Support Department of the Operations division became certified in Contract Management by IACCM (International Association of Commercial and Contract Management).

Your team could do the same and get the benefits they’re enjoying! The certification effort has allowed DU (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) commercially branded as DU in February 2007) to effectively undertake a few relational contracting relationship transformations with key suppliers, already yielding tangible benefits.

Competence is achieved through a combination of operational experience, structured learning and rigorous assessment.

The benefits of this accreditation are many including:

  • Gaining detailed knowledge of the best practices in the field
  • Confirming and benchmarking the company’s practices against world class companies, and
  • Joining a fast growing community of professionals who share their insights with other members

Farid Faraidooni, Chief Operating Officer of DU is proud of the team’s achievement, and says:

“This accomplishment establishes DU as a leader in commercial management, opening numerous opportunities for greater value generation for DU via its internal stakeholders and suppliers alike.”

The only world-recognized accreditation body in the field, IACCM is employed by many Fortune 500 corporations that are pursuing contract and supplier relationship management expertise.

Contract Management and commercial competence have become critical enablers of business performance with the potential to drive both value and reputation.

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