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Is it just me who feels like she’s living in some sort of sinister movie right now?  A strange and deadly virus envelops the world amidst a mass of confusion about its voracity and conflicting approaches to its management.  Countries heading into complete lockdown with borders closed, cities relegated to ghost towns, people isolated, and warnings of police being given emergency powers to use “reasonable force” against any person who refuses to quarantine or be tested.  Added to this the extraordinary behaviour of those people who are panic buying in obscene bulk, and you’d be forgiven for being nervous about the apparent weakness in the fabric of our societies.

There is no doubt that at times like this it is critical that we all stay connected.  And I am not talking about watching or reading the news and engaging with your regular social media fix.  In actual fact that’s often cited as one of the worst things that you can do - there is increasing concern about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and consequent isolation on our mental health - and so, in one of many similar articles, this one from CNN, we are being advised to pare down our sources of information.

Equally, the show must go on, we cannot bury our heads in the sand.  For many of us, work continues, we have commercial relationships that need to be carefully managed and as Tim Cummins reminds us in his latest Commitment Matters Blog, “We are all in this together and there is every reason to agree that collaboration is the best way forward”.  Yet collaboration is challenging when we are all being forced to work from home and continue to operate in isolation.  

IACCM has already been working on how to support the business community in these unparalleled times and at the heart of IACCM’s mission is the convening of disparate discussion groups all undertaking similar tasks and faced with very similar challenges.  Whilst we can’t meet physically, we can still talk to each other and see each other through virtual means. 

So, stay connected through the IACCM Networks , join our interactive Webinars, look out for an increasing array of resources, short on-line programs and virtual workshops available through our Covid-19 Crisis Management Kit to support you through the coming days, weeks and months. 

Each of us will be concerned about the health and wellbeing of our organizations and we must also be aware and take care of our own health and wellbeing and those of our family, friends and colleagues in these increasingly dystopian times. 


Sally Guyer CEO of IACCM

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