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They’ve spotted opportunities others had missed, come up with new ideas and clever ways around the problems. And now the achievements of these top contract and commercial managers have been recognized with IACCM’s prestigious award for innovation.

The IACCM Innovation Awards program recognizes leaders in the contract and commercial management community - individuals and teams who are raising the profile of contract and commercial capability within their organizations – and who, increasingly, have a critical role at the top table.

The program is open to all IACCM members/member companies, which encourages innovation in contract and commercial management best practices. The awards were presented at the 2016 Americas Forum in San Diego, the association’s most critically acclaimed and highly attended annual conference. More than 300 attended the three-day event, and there were 69 speakers.

Tim Cummins, IACCM’s CEO said: “The IACCM Innovation Awards are of critical importance because we are seeing a real transition in executive thinking with the recognition that commercial innovation lies increasingly at the heart of their business success. These awards represent a lot of those initiatives, and offer great examples for our broader community to follow and to really execute on the belief that the commercial and contract management community lies at the heart of future innovation.”

The winners and runners-up of this year’s Innovation Awards are:

Award for personal initiative
For an individual practitioner who has shown outstanding leadership or endeavour in delivering value and raising the profile of contract and commercial management.

  • Claire Negus, General Manager Commercial, Roy Hill
  • Noel Green, Director, ContractsWise


Award for operational improvement
Awarded for initiatives that have delivered significant business value through improved commercial or contracting process or practices.

  • The FFG Enterprise
  • Telefonica UK Ltd.


Award for strategic direction
Awarded for initiatives that have raised the strategic profile and contribution of the commercial or contracting process or function.

  • Shell
  • Nationwide Building Society & Capgemini
  • Public Safety Business Agency


Award for outstanding service provider
For consultants, service or application providers who have led or enabled high value initiatives at client organizations.

  • Mainspring Consulting Group
  • Seal Software


Program of Visionary Change Award

  • Robert De Rooy Attorney, Robert De Rooy and Associates


Members' choice Award
Voted on by IACCM members, this award recognizes the individual or corporate member that has achieved success through innovation in contracting during the past year.

  • Seal Software
  • Public Safety Business Agency
  • The FFG Enterprise


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