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I know most people like common or round numbers, so just in case you are wondering why I don’t cite 5 or 10 reasons instead of 7 -- well, I could. But I like to work outside my comfort zone. Your other question might be “why focus on the reasons for not purchasing a contract lifecycle management system (CLMS)?” Simply put, most consultants or system suppliers focus on devising compelling reasons to buy a system and may even portray those collectively as a “solution” to all your contract management problems (yes, I said “problems”, not “challenges” as most consultants like to say).

contract lifecycle management CLM CLM CHALLENGES

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Good news is on the way! Surprising? Maybe, but true.

contract lifecycle management Covid-19 CLM digitization

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If you want your projects to succeed, you need to create a good contracts and risk management culture within your organization. When good corporate governance is missing, you’re likely to spend a lot of time banging your head against the wall.

contract lifecycle management governance

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Paul Branch, Head of Deal Assurance British Telecommunications (BT) Americas
Peter Wallqvist, VP of Strategy at iManage RAVN

What will it take to get Artificial Intelligence (AI) up and running on a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution?  IACCM research suggests that nearly 80% of CLM deployments currently fail to deliver all the expectations.  Does this mean AI for CLM must suffer a similar fate?  

contracting excellence communication IACCM contract lifecycle management

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