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This three-part series focuses on challenges of third-party suppliers and reveals why advanced planning and proper interventions in the precontract, “commercial” phase of a project is essential before we can prevent avoidable problems. Part 1 covers ways to balance buying with integrating advanced technology. Part 2 follows with a critical question: do we consider the integration question properly?

supply chain management Covid-19 Suppliers THIRD PARTY lifecycle subsystem

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This three-part series explores the theme of buying and integrating advanced technology. Today’s challenges can adversely affect technical projects involving a significant amount of third-party supply. Such projects often fail when subsystems fail to integrate properly. That’s why up-front planning and proper interventions are so important in the pre-contract “commercial” phase of a project to identify and remedy avoidable problems.

supply chain management Covid-19

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This is the second part of a two-part series surrounding surviving the effects of the pandemic in India:

  • Part 1 focuses on force majeure’s impact on contract management’s effectiveness in India.1
  • Part 2 surrounds how the supply chain solution can survive under the pandemic’s impact and why it’s now time for India to “think beyond its border.”

supply chain management Covid-19

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A recent survey by the Institute for Supply Management1 revealed that 97 percent of companies representing more than 600 procurement professionals have suffered some sort of supply chain disruption to their organizations due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In procurement, our suppliers are as important as we are. Therefore, what steps can we take? How might we improve our perspective of managing supplier relationships and preventing risk exposures?


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Good news is on the way! Surprising? Maybe, but true.

contract lifecycle management Covid-19 CLM digitization

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COVID-19 has created a myriad of contracting issues and challenges, with extensive need for managing changes and renegotiations. The public sector has clearly not been immune, yet it faces greater challenges due to the more rigid framework created by public procurement regulations. This brief summary illustrates those challenges, drawing on recent Guidance issued by the UK Government.

procurement Covid-19

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Commercial businesses play a tremendous role in influencing worldwide prosperity, but their future is shaky because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. Many countries’ assets, business, and commerce worldwide that prospered just months ago are now severely strained. The pandemic has changed all aspects of life in business and personal lives.

procurement supply chain management Covid-19 china

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As we pass through the high tide of COVID-19 and its threat to public and private sectors, we wonder -- can we handle the post-pandemic’s fallout?  And yet, opportunities are knocking at our door! What follows tells what they are and how to reel them in.

In this article, our author’s perspectives relate closely to the IACCM webinar presented to IACCM members on May 14, 2020 titled Thought Leadership:  Emergence: Commerce and Contracting Post COVID-19… 

supplier TimeofCrisis Collaborative Covid-19

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Mohit Khullar and Prachika Agarwal take an honest look at the present situation of arbitration in India and the steps India should take to keep their arbitration system operating well and open for litigants in spite of the COVID-19 threat.  The world has a long way to go before we get COVID-19 behind us, but no doubt, the technology we will learn to apply in our businesses throughout this threat will become our closest allies! 

contracts Covid-19 forcemajeure india newnormal arbitration

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The humble force majeure clause has been tested by the COVID-19 pandemic like never before.  But what can we learn from this pandemic and how will it shape the future of contracts and business planning in a post COVID-19 era?  These few words thus far have huge implications for contracting operations.  Change is in the wind for sure.

contracts Covid-19 forcemajeure vaccine

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