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Is a great deal a good idea?

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Negotiation – the art of reaching an agreement – is challenging to say the least.  But without a well-planned approach plus a clear understanding of the terms or clauses you typically negotiate, you face defeat.  Would you like to prevent this and get it right?

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Topics: negotiation, contracting excellence, contract management


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is an excerpt from the book authored by Paul Humbert titled, How to Analyze and Negotiate Warranties for Goods and Services. Paul outlines questions you need to ask during contract negotiations. 

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Topics: negotiation, contract /commercial management, contract management

Contract negotiation by e-mail – quick, easy and cheap. Or is it? Tiffany Kemp reveals why what we gain from cost-effective e-communications could be costing us more than we think.

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Topics: negotiation, contract management

Is your contracting playbook an information manual or a dynamic tool that can evaluate negotiation options?

New decision support technology I am developing can turn your playbook into a tool that can help parties reach a “best possible” collaborative agreement. Here is a more in-depth look at how it works. 

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