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My approach to supplier management involves three pillars of procurement – category management (CM), supplier relationship management (SRM), and Contract and Commercial Relationship (CCM). Many are asking, how do they work together to give procurement professionals a proven way to produce effective supplier management?

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Every contract negotiation aims at proper risk allocation. But what is proper to one party may not be so proper to the other. At that point proper may no longer be objectively proper at all. So, how might we get it right?  What does “proper” risk allocation look like?

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We all negotiate throughout our lives. In fact, it’s often hard to get through a day without haggling over a price, discussing the terms of a job offer with an employer, asking for a pay raise from our superior, persuading our colleagues to support a new business proposal…and so on.  

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Picture the board room at our biannual business meeting:  our senior management team faced costly problems involving the Major Surface Ships Branch within the Australian Department of Defence. 

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If you are frustrated with using contract management automation, you’re not alone. 

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At a conference recently, an overheard comment went like this: “Why bother to measure contract efficiency? We know what good contract management is when we see it!” 

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By Güenther Bader, SAP SE

Is contracting key to value creation in your organization? These Key Performance Indicators can demonstrate the big difference you’re making.

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IACCM's Contracting Excellence Awards provide global recognition for individuals whose leadership has resulted in exceptional business or social benefits. The results of the 2017 contest were announced at the IACCM Europe conference in Dublin on May 8th.

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Business seems to be going well, but are your processes really performing as well as you think? Could there be bottlenecks you’re not aware of, or milestones you’re missing? And can you be sure you’d spot the ‘rogue contract’ that could spell serious trouble down the line?

Our Top Ten Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will save time and cost – and keep you in control.

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Don’t deal with the “what ifs” later … find out now

How can you ensure your applications and data are protected if something happens to your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider? Our author, John Boruvka, uncovers big contract risks hidden in the cloud - and the vital things you need to think about before you sign the deal.

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