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Is your contracting playbook an information manual or a dynamic tool that can evaluate negotiation options? This article shows how interactive intelligence can boost the power of your playbook, helping you achieve better negotiated solutions – and more collaborative contracts.

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Most oil exploration projects are located in regions that are difficult to access and dangerous to supply, adding to the “many unquantifiable sources of instability” that large oil and gas exploration and production projects must contend with. Heading that list:

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Cloud offerings known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)1 present several advantages over on-premises delivery of software, such as bundled charges, reduced time to implement, flexibility, and scalability on demand. However SaaS is generally licensed differently, and as a service model poses some challenges of its own in terms of data security and portability between providers. You should consider such differences before selecting delivery platforms for application workloads.

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Businesses across the world spend an incredible amount of time and therefore money trying to get Confidentiality or NDAs in place with their numerous prospective customers or suppliers before they can even start talking to them about buying or selling their products or services. As I was reviewing yet another NDA recently, I thought there must be a simpler and better way of addressing the issue of establishing the principle of confidentiality for disclosures made during the course of routine sales negotiations for products and services.

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