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Organizations can only reap the advantages of Cloud computing once the contract for such a service has been agreed and is water-tight. This article provides a guide for what contract managers need to consider when negotiating a deal for their organizations’ ‘Cloud’.

technology risk management

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Risk management has been recognized for some time as a formal discipline in its own right, and there is growing consensus on the elements which comprise best practice. However, the risk management field has not fully matured and there are a number of areas requiring further development.

risk management

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Don’t deal with the “what ifs” later … find out now

How can you ensure your applications and data are protected if something happens to your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider? Our author, John Boruvka, uncovers big contract risks hidden in the cloud - and the vital things you need to think about before you sign the deal.

performance management risk management

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Today, most of the technical and commercial barriers for companies to move to a cloud infrastructure have been removed, and exciting new business opportunities are possible. But beware - cloud computing isn't for everyone. Decision makers very often don't know the many risks that could lie ahead or, if they do, they don't know how to handle them. This article offers potential cloud customers an insight into questions to ask if they're thinking of moving their data to the cloud - and future trends to consider that could change everything. 

risk management

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The team reports back on the positive outcomes of the pilot – and finds its process for structured risk assessment and mitigation has opened the doors for fruitful discussions on what could be improved.

risk management

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