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In case you haven’t heard, IACCM has been conducting introductory sessions for new IACCM members to answer pressing questions about…

who we are

what we do 

and how you can get the most value from your membership!

Our most recent interactive session broadcasted live 16 May 2018 -- participants sent us very positive comments on our feedback survey.  In fact, many were “repeats” who returned to get more impact!

You can get in on this too!  Just click on, and we’ll answer the most common questions most of you are asking, like…. What is IACCM?  How can I gain the most benefit from my membership?

  • How can IACCM assist my career?
  • How can the Association help me deliver greater value to my company?
  • What are IACCM's other offerings; research studies, learning programs and current initiatives?
  • Are there opportunities for greater involvement with the Association?

Also, to learn more about IACCM’s Certification programs, click on: Understanding the IACCM CCM Learning & Certification Programs

We are here for you!  Contact us at

Stewart Prizeman, VP Sales, IACCM, North America

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